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In 2005 Veyko was invited to compete for a federally funded ‘Art in Transit’ commission.  Veyko’s proposal was selected as the winning entry.  The bench’s design concept evokes the dynamic movement of the subway with its form transitionin g between two body postures: leaning and sitting.  The complexity of the design results from mapping the transition from one position to the other.  The result is not only an adaptable form, but one in which the formal peaks and alcoves facilitate social interaction between participants on the bench. The positive outcome of the project can be attributed to the architectural design and sculpture backgrounds of Veyko’s partners who worked in tandem with a very talented design & fabrication staff.  The bench’s innovative execution demonsrates the seamless integration of Veyko’s creative and technical design abilities.  Extensive use was made of 3D design & modeling programs such as Rhinoceros and Solidworks.  Cutting edge technologies were employed to execute the design within exacting parameters:  CNC wire forming and 5-axis water jet cutting were adapted from the aerospace industry for the production of the bench.

The deployment of the benches marks the return of Veyko to contemporary design and furniture production.  Although primarily focused on the production of ultra high-end custom architectural metalwork for the last five years, Veyko originated as a company specializing in the design and manufacture of contemporary furniture.  This original endeavor culminated in work that was published in numerous design periodicals, and the receipt of a prestigious GOOD Design award from the Chicago Athenaeum in 2004.  For Veyko, the unique design opportunity presented by SEPTA was catalyzed in a renewed and invigorated interest in urban living and public spaces.  Inspired by the project’s success, Veyko is taking conceptual & design cues from the SEPTA bench in its development of a new product line of innovative contemporary urban furniture.

SEPTA 8th Street Station Bench

Philadelphia, PA

Designer: Veyko Inc.

Fabricator: Veyko Inc.

Materials: Stainless Steel